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Asako Masunouchi - Illustrator

2005年よりフリーのイラストレーターとして活動開始。グラフィカルな構図を柔らかく描く。現在はギリシャと日本を拠点としながら雑誌や広告を中心に活躍中。また「ほぼ日」にて、ギリシャでの生活を風景画とともに綴った「Greetings From Greece」を連載中。紙物や文房具を集めるのが好きで、自身のイラストを使ったポストカードやステーショナリーも数多く制作している。

She was born in Japan, learned illustration in the UK, and lives in Greece now. She has been working as a freelance illustrator since 2005. She likes graphical compositions with gentle lines and nostalgic atmosphere. She mainly works for magazines, advertising and also enjoys producing goods using her own illustrations. She regularly write about living in Greece with illustration at 「Greetings From Greece」

Education & Diplomas

Apr 1996
Mar 2000

Keio University, Japan - BA Philosophy


The lesson I loved the most at the high school was Ethics, where I admired different interpretations of the world by philosophers. This interest led me to major in Ethics in the University.

Apr 1999
Mar 2001

Setsu Mode Seminar, Japan


Pursuing the dream from childhood, I decided to go to private art school while studiying in the University. I learned drawing and water-colour painting there.

Sep 2001
Jun 2002

Wimbledon School of Art, UK - Foundation Art & Design


Following the advise of shoolmate, I decided to study in the UK just for 1 year. There I found different approaches to illustration, which awakened my desire of creation!

Sep 2002
Jun 2005

University of Brighton, UK - BA(Hons)Illustration


After all, I stayed in the UK another 3 years to study. Now that I think about it, it was such a luxury time to spend days and nights on creation in full facility. During the last school year, I started bringing portfolio to the companies and began my career as an illustrator.

Selected Exhibition

-mak展, GekkosoⅡ, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan (2001〜Annually Ongoing)

-Fun & Boredom, Room1D, Tokyo, Japan (2008)
-Stranger in Paradise, SIX D.O.G.S, Greece (2011)
-Continental Breakfast, Tagamisha, Tokyo, Japan (2013)
-KIOSK -Greetings from ANONYMO-,Tagamisha, Tokyo, Japan (2015)

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